26 years young - Jesus Lover - 5'1 (short jokes are expected. at least make them funny) - Always laughing and sometimes at own jokes - Disney enthusiast - Avid coffee drinker -

- Chik-fil-a. Donuts. Pizza.Tacos are life - Broadway obsessed - Military brat -

-Playlist for every music genre - "Dancing through life" be it in the kitchen or in public

 - Dogs over cats - Team Marvel but love for DC -

travel bug - fuzzy socks  - Spanglish happens - Team Nike -

-I belong to Texas, but my heart is split in New York and Tennessee -  Go Spurs Go  -  Canon user

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I received a Bachelor of Science in Multimedia and a minor in Digital Entertainment Technology, with a film focus from Abilene Christian University. Before I discovered my love for all things media, my 5 year old self would say I was going to be astronaut and lawyer. As I got older, and after being voluntold, I started feeding my creative soul on the Media Ministry at my home church and being involved with Theatre production throughout high school.


I'm both honored and humbled that you've stopped by to learn a little more about the photographer behind the lens. To be honest, my passion for photography grew out of not so pleasant circumstances while in my undergrad years.

In the middle of this struggle, a family friend asked me to take their headshots. I was completely horrified and ready to bolt (on the inside) during the session. I kept thinking, "I'm not a real photographer... I have no idea what I'm doing.... I hope I can deliver at least one good image..." That was a year ago, and to this day, those same thoughts still cross my mind with every session I shoot. Keeping with the honesty thing, I'm nervous whenever I have someone in front of my lens, even if it is a friend. I'm blown away with how much I've grown in this short time. Everyday I'm learning something new, and bettering myself.

From that first experience, I knew I wanted to capture who people really are. I wanted authenticity and rawness- including the heart smiles and vulnerability hidden in the silence. I wanted to bring out the side, that too often goes unnoticed in most people. I wanted to be able to say, "I see you, I really see you." I didn't want to be just another photographer who left the only impression of "Say cheese!" I wanted to create portraits that stood apart from the awkward school picture day experience. I wanted more - I wanted to create and foster a relationship/ appreciation for the arts in which humans were able to stand in their truth, and love it. I wanted to build something I could holistically care about a person.

As a photographer is it my job to set aside my own insecurities to allow others to be free in themselves, so they may truly shine. Through the incredible people I've photographed, they have helped me on my own journey of self-love. We were fearfully and wonderfully made, yet we as people often forget that God has called us to think better of ourselves, to want better. As I have my own struggles, it's important to me that I am able to be there for others, even if its an ear to listen, or allowing a session to be a safe place to take a pause in life.

JFSM is more than photography- it's a Journey of  Few Short Miles in life, mindfulness, love, and discovery.

Much love!