Below are the policies held by JFSM Productions.

1. After a session/event, the ownership and copyright of digital product remains to

JFSM PRODUCTIONS and the photographer/videographer

    1a. The company only grants personal use to the contracted client(s). This does not extend to the client's family and friends. Outside use of images, must be purchased from JFSM PRODUCTIONS.

   1b. Images captured may or may not be used for promotional material in any way that the company sees fit. The client acknowledges and agrees within the "General Release" signed before a session/event. The company is not required to notify client of image use.

2. Image Sharing is encouraged, but after the client has signed the contract acknowledging said policy.

         I. Images must remain how delivered without alteration.

                   (Watermark in tact, no filters of any kind)

         II. Credit must be given, by way of tagging the company and/or the photographer.

        III. No screenshots or wrongful downloading of images from the JFSM Production social media or digital gallery.

         IV. The client will be held responsible for third parties using images that breach the client contract and sharing policy.


3. After a session, images are taken though a "digital darkroom" process. Minor technical aspects of an image are addressed. (ie. exposure, contrast, , temperature, highlight, shadow, etc) 


JFSM does not photoshop clients that alters the physical being. Small editing of things that may disappear with days or a few weeks, such as a pimple can be removed. If this is the case, please contact the company owner, Brittney Johnson, immediately after session.

4. To maintain the integrity and creative vision of JFSM Productions, raw files will not be shared, viewed, or delivered. 

     4a. Every image or video clip captured at the time of the session/event will not be delivered to the client. 

    4 b. It is up to the discretion of the the photographer to keep raw files after the session/event. JFSM Productions will keep a digital copy of all sessions. A fee may applied for retrieval if client fails to properly maintain or download images in a timely manner after delivery.

5. If hired for film event coverage, JFSM Productions is hired with the expectation to film and then edit together a short highlight. 

     5a. The company reserves the right to hire an assistant/second-shooter of their choosing, for the day of the event. 

     5b. JFSM Productions takes all responsibility for the assistant/second-shooter during the time of the contract event coverage time.

6. All events, regardless of service has a non-refundable 25% deposit that must be made within 3 days of booking.

7. Image section for final delivery of gallery is solely at the discretion of owner Brittney Johnson. All images returned to the client will be hand picked. 

     7a. If client has a specific pose, outfit, location, or image desired to be captured and returned, please communicate this request with the photographer. 

     7b. Client requests before, during, and after a session, are merely that, a request. JFSM will take into consideration, but final decisions of the style of the session, or images returned will be to the descried of the photographer/the owner.

8. All professionally printed/ customized product is inspected for quality control before being delivered to the client. While print product options are not fully listed online, please indicate to the owner that a purchase would like to be made.

9. JFSM Productions will use any and all equipment that fits the occasion of the session/event. The client may not dictate what the photographer will or will not use unless said equipment is a danger to the client's health.

     9a. The client may offer technical suggestions/advice (if a proper knowledge base has been acquired) and /or make an offer to upgrade type of equipment, at the cost of the client.

10. Due to the unusual and unpredictable weather of this great state of Texas, the company reserves the right to reschedule/cancel a session or event due to unpleasant weather that may be dangerous or troublesome to the safety of the the photographer and the client. No fee will be charged to client due to rescheduling due to weather or otherwise acts of God.


Privacy Policies

Any personal information such as name and email address will be collected for internal marketing purposes only ( eg, a gallery notification, sale, or special promotion). Information collected will not be used for spam or sold to third parties.

To opt-out of any email subscription, please email hello@jfsmproductions.com or click unsubscribe in an email.