Allow Me to Introduce Myself

To those who don’t know or may not remember, JFSM Productions formed from an English project senior year of high school. A dear teacher challenged us to create a book cover of our autobiography. I struggled in the creation of a title. At that point of my life, I wanted to reflect on where I have been and where I was headed. In this thought, I came up with the title Journey of a Few Short Miles or JFSM. Life is a journey to be explored and cherished, with adventures to be had along the way. No matter where I am in life, JFSM will remain true. That moment senior year of high school, I had reached a point where one path was ending and another was soon to begin. Fast forward 4 years and its a similar vision, only this time I will be embarking on a bigger and slightly more terrifying path.

JFSM was created on the reflection of growth and what makes life beautiful. It is about the passion and love for capturing the people and moments who come across my path on this journey. I am excited to see where this path will lead!

-Much Love,