Just a Thank You!

As I finished my 5th senior session, I have to stop and reflect on my own life. I am incredibly blessed and happy to have so many who are cheering for me and pushing me to keep my craft and to always be practicing. In all honesty, the first person who asked me to headshots for them, I was nervous out of my mind. To share a little secret with you, every single session to date, I've been nervous... beyond nervous. I start thinking to myself, "what if I fail them? what if I get nothing good? what if everything is out of focus and I can't deliver?"

As you can tell, I tend you doubt myself, too much. Everyday I'm learning and building. No session is a guarantee. Not every shot will be in focus starting off, that's why I walk away having shot a hefty number of photos.

As I grow in this journey and others grow with me, the art of capturing who people are.. the true essence of who they are, is the most rewarding thing I could ask for.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the friends who have allowed me to experience this and walking with me!

-Much Love,