Senior Sentiments

Still in the emotional crazy feeling of just graduating from ACU, I feel its only right to take a moment and highlight the seniors that have been apart of this journey with me and starting JFSM. Some of you I got to have along side me at my own graduation or celebrated the same day, and others I got to witness walk across the stage in a different season. I thank each of you for allowing me to capture a piece of you, showing others who you are. You wonderful people opened up and shared stories and memories with me. I also thank you for your friendship and for your creative ideas. Without a doubt, all of you will take the world by storm in whatever is next for you- be it a new job, grad school, or simply going on your next adventure.

Mike. Melissa. Brittany. Luke. Dani. Shaobeny. Demonica. Erika. Jeremy. Adrianne. Hailey.

I look forward to seeing the many ways in which you all will change the world. You will forever be apart of the JFSM family.

Congrats on graduating! May the Lord bless you and keep you. May he shine his grace upon you and give you peace.

Much love,