New and Improved

This summer as a part of the the redesign process for JFSM, I decided to make booking more convenient and introduced online booking! While it's still in BETA testing, I want clients, and future clients alike to be able to "jump the gun" and book a session! Its as easy as selecting the type of session, what day and time you are interested in!

I know there are some people out there and they are probably thinking to themselves, "Brit, why should I book a photography session though?"

- Simple, a professional photography session is unlike the dreaded school picture day or your Mom following you around and capturing every moment of your life with her iPhone. Having professional photos done, be it through me or another talented photographer is rare.Professional sessions are a way to capture a moment, or for me and JFSM, a way to capture the pure essence of who someone is. As the client, your natural smile and laughter is what MOST photographers want. Pro sessions are about enhancing the best sides of you!

"But professional photos are for pretty people...."

- I don't receive that from anyone! Everyone is beautiful and will photography in such wonderful ways, it just takes the right photographer to bring it out of you. It truly breaks my heart when clients tell me that. I'm not interested in taking pictures of a fake moment or a "mask" most of us all too commonly were in front of others. I want you... the real you.

The second big thing I introduced early summer is the addition of prints to packages! It's nothing like having a photo print that lasts forever to decorate your home, office, or as a gift. The best thing I've done in a while was order prints just for myself! Having a physical representation of good memories make it even more enjoyable!

Prints are ordered from Artsy Couture, a Professional Print Company. Tried and true, they will bring a hint of magic to your photos. Placing an order for prints will always be an option, even after a session! Some packages I offer will include the price of prints or will have a print credit, which will allow for a custom print flexibility and build the type of products you want!

I'm so excited to continue this journey and working on improving business and what you want to see! Stay tuned, because there are more changes to be made!

Much Love,