Cheers to 2016!

Heres to the incredible people and stories I got to capture in 2016! (Not everyone is on here) Admittedly, 2016 has definitely been a rough year all around. But when I stop and reflect on the makings of this year, I am reminded that there were plenty of good within it. This year was my first in business, officially! That in its self is worth cheering about. This path of starting JFSM was just the metaphor it stands for, in a sense it was a journey of a few short miles. Small mountains were claimed, but there is still a long way to go, and more to learn.

2016 was full of many firsts- baby showers, groups, studio shoots, night shooting, a proposal, a quinceañera and a wedding video. I collaborated with friends to better both of our skills also. A few personal victories happened as well - I won Best Producer in ACU'S Film Fest, graduated college, witnessed my friends cross the stage also, got accepted to graduate school, and even had a spark of spontaneity (to those who know me personally, know thats rare).

When I think about those things, I have plenty to be grateful and happy for. I want to thank all who believed in me from the start, who saw my vision for JFSM and have been there along the way. Thank you for the laughs, the crazy yet fun sleepless nights, and most importantly the memories. Words can not express the love I have for this business and all of you. You're not just clients or friends, but family.

So cheers 2016! You definitely made a lasting impression! I can't wait to see what the new year will bring! May you all have a happy New Year!

Much Love,