A Few Changes!

Hello loves! Just a small update on things to come for JFSM! Grad school has definitely been off to an interesting and challenging start, but enjoyable nonetheless. Please continue to pray for me and over my studies. In the next month or so two big things will be happening that I wanted to share!

1- ACU Film's Fest! This semester I will be producing 3 short films. If you're in Abilene, come out to the Paramount for the Film Fest Gala and watch all of the films.

(Pictured borrowed from the Film Fest Page) This year's theme is "Rise". This can be interrupted many ways, so it will be interesting to see how each team will portray this. There are so many talented people with really cool projects. I'll be posting the films I worked on!

2 - Another big thing happening soon is an internal business function. To better serve you, and future clients I will be making updates to the site and switching to a new client management software called Dubsado! I'm so excited to integrate this company with mine! It will make keeping track of documents and forms a lot smoother! While not many will notice the difference when its rolled out, things will definitely be different! Look for the link in CLIENT ACCESS to have a facelift!

I just had to take a moment to brag on them because of they family vibe and community with photographers, its incredible!