BTS: Late Nights with Ed

As a creative, who has been in this world most of my life, I realize there are friends, families, clients, and new clients/friends who don't truly know what I do as I photographer or videographer. So tonight, as I take a brief break from editing sessions, I decided to give a look behind the scenes (bts).

Each photog is different. From their style, to the brands they are most loyal to, to how they approach shooting and then post-production. For me- each session, regardless if that person has been in front of my lens before, is a new story to be told. I treat each and every session personally. With that said, all of my images go through a "digital darkroom" process. (I mention this on my FAQ page) This means that for every image delivered in an online gallery, I personally have tweaked it technically. I adjust things like exposure, contrast, color levels, highlights, blacks, whites, etc. I hand do this to every. single. image. It is this process where in conversation I mention "editing". This is not to be confused with dramatic editing that may be others style of hardcore photoshop. My "digital darkroom process" is also the main reason that my return time is 2- 5 weeks, aside from me being a full-time graduate student. ( That experience so far, is an entirely different blog post for a different day)

Nothing is more relaxing for me then finding a good playlist/album on Spotify, and hiding away somewhere and working on sessions, ( I change locations to work - from my living room, to my room, to a coffee shop, to a spot on my campus)

Right now, tis the season for my seniors to shine! I have maybe 3 or 4 I am working on right now. Which if I was to break down the time spent on editing these sessions, aside from the prep time and shooting time, it would be well over 100 hours per session.

So all day today has been dedicated to getting some work done. As I continue to work well into the night, at 12:25am, I am kept company with Ed Sheehan's new album. If you haven't heard it all the way through, I highly recommend it,

My screen right now is split time in Adobe Lightroom (LR) and Adobe Photoshop (PS). Which is typical for me. I actually think I never truly close these two apps. The bulk of my editing is within LR, using PS for smaller fixes and edits to an image.

Much Love,


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