Unbreakable Smile!

Another senior close to my heart, and she happens to also be one of my roommates. I first met Cami when we had a spanish class together a few years ago. We didn't talk too much then. Fast forward to my senior year of my undergrad. I was looking for a third roomate. I was in the campus library talking to a guy friend and she happen to be at a computer near by. He is a social guy and starts talking to her. A few minutes later he's telling me how I am looking for another roomate and she is looking for a place. The rest was history.

Over the course of two years as roommates, my love for Cami has only grown. We went from classmates who remembered each other's faces to sisters. It's incredible how God places people in your life.

Cami has such a spirit and heart for others. She is truly self-less. Not to mention, she's hardcore - jumping head first into playing for the ACU Woman's Rugby team when it was starting up. I only wish I could be that amazing.

This Wisconsin native, will be crossing the stage with a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies and a minor in Spanish and a minor in Peace and Social Justice. I look forward to seeing how you will change the world!

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