Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Is it weird to say how much I love love? Oh whale, I do. Being able to witness and then capture the love between two people, especially people with incredible hearts is truly an honor. When couples come to me about being their wedding photographer, I am ALWAYS nervous. This is such an important moment for them and their families, I want to give the occasion justice. I still get those butterflies even for friends - if not more for them. They know me. They know my work. They know my passion to celebrate them! All of the above was true for the Mint Wedding!

Last month I had the joy, of capturing Cynthia and Mark's big day! (If you're wondering about the hashtag, that is their couple name) This union was truly a special one for me. I've known Mark and his family since high school and have seen the progression of this beautiful relationship.

December 21, 2017. Mark's birthday. This is also the day he proposed to Cynthia. Seriously the sweetest thing I missed by merely a few minutes. I showed up to the Christmas/Birthday/Proposal party right after it happened. To paint a little picture, it involved small gifts from places they've been or represented memories they made.

Fast forward to now. My heart is full. Thank you both for allowing me into your life, being present on the biggest day of your forever and witnessing the love you have for each other.

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