Namesake.. slay all day

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

I had the honor of taking Brittney's senior pictures. Have I mentioned that I absolutely love interacting with people who share my name and its spelling? Any who, I first met Brittney in our undergrad years. While I can't remember the first time, we did have beginning tennis together and occasionally got to play with each other.

This senior session was a special one for a few reasons. Numbero uno, this gal graduated with her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. Y'all...let's take a moment to celebrate that one! Going to college is tough, finishing is tougher, but continuing above and beyond in your education is all in all brutal.

Like how she concurred her program, she rocked her session. She woke up with the sun with me! Reason number two her session was special, this is one of the first times I felt in total control over my camera. (Hush up critics.. this art is forever a learning process). I focused more on light and what settings I was on. Reason number three, right out the gate, at the start of the session, even during test shots, Britt absolutely slayed me.. hello morning sun, hello gorgeous person!

In the short, but wonderful time I've had in getting to know her, I am lucky to have experienced her radiant smile, energy in life, and big heart. It was never a dull moment!

What's next for Brittney? Pursing her desire to help others, be it with counseling or just a listening ear. Keep her in your prayers Journey fam, she will be taking her licensing exam in a few months.

Britt, trust in yourself and don't forget why you chose this path! You'll be great babe!

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