Unicorn Magic

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Ever seen a unicorn? Ever meet someone who you can't really help but to describe as magical? This perfectly describes senior, Elli.


I honestly can't tell you the first time I met Elli. Could have been randomly on campus or at a rush, only God knows. BUT we did pledge the same sorority/ social club, so naturally I was overjoyed when she wanted me to take her senior pictures!

The month of November has been a crazy one packed with work and sessions in different cities just about every weekend! I wouldn't trade any of that for the world! The day of her session, Elli woke up BEFORE the sun, just to hang out with me taking pictures of her face. Being in Texas, it was cold.. and strangely super windy!

When we got to location, I saw her outfit and knew she would slay me, and friends, Elli did just that. As the sun greeted us, we danced and rocked out to K-Pop. Nothing but good vibes and laughter sums up her session. Not even the gusty Texas wind could damper the day!

As the morning went on, she brought out another coat and sunglasses that gave me all the retro goddess vibes, or as she calls herself, a stylish 80's grandma.

I love and adore all my JFSM seniors, but sometimes I get one that completely rock my fuzzy socks so hard in every phase of the process - from coffee chats, to session planning, to the day of, to the editing bay. Thank you Elli for sharing a love for our club, your crazy awesome big and creative heart with me!

This December Elli will receive a degree in English Language Education and hopes to teach English as a foreign language in East Asia!

Check out her gallery here!