I am more than a photographer who shows up right before your session- you are getting someone who will be there every step of the way from planning, to looking for other vendors, to wardrobe help. I'm as involved in crafting the documentation of your story as you want me to be.

Your story is worth celebrating, so why not enjoy the journey!

You're not a model? PERFECT! I don't expect anyone to grace my lens to be a professional model. There is no need to feel lost and overwhelmed with where to stand or how to put your arms. I strive to only capture authentic moments, connections and emotions.

No awkward posing or school picture day smiles. I focus on the heart happy.

Simplicity in Detail

Family first

There's so much beauty in the details. It's in those details that we breathe or remember a moment the most. They are the sprinkles of time that make all the difference. If it's important to you, I make it important to me to capture. Knowing you and your partner makes all the difference. I don't view clients as just that - you are friends I haven't gotten to know yet or more like family to me.

The process of a JFSM session is broken down into 4 bit sized phases. It begins with a simple inquiry - drop me a line and let me know what type of service you are looking for, and what your vision looks like! No matter where you are in your journey of looking for a photographer, we grab a drink and chat be it either a discovery call (for those with more questions) or a consultation (ready to book). 

After the call a questionnaire is sent and planning begins!