This year has been challenging and filled with the unexpected. While learning through these challenging times,  I have been reminded why I started JFSM Productions and my passion for photography. This business was started to celebrate the stories of others and to shine light on the best of people - people from all backgrounds and of all colors.

In addition to celebrating the beauty of others, I encourage the printing of images. Theres nothing like the tangible images to instantly take you back to that moment, to reflect with a loved one. Printed images stand the test of time. I have always printed images here and there from my favorite sessions and weddings, but it's time I rethink how I go about this. I want to print images that mean something to the people I shoot, to the people who follow and support my work.

Help me decide my top 50 images to professionally print! Below are the areas of work I typically photograph - Weddings, Seniors, and Portraits.  Like as many images as you want, from whatever category or categories you want! To vote, just click on the heart icon on the bottom left of an image!